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Think beyond the box, and make meaningful innovations

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Our Story

A well organized and efficient storage solution should not be difficult to obtain in Malaysia. At least that was what we thought. Efficient and well though out storage solutions for many needs, such as tools, art supplies, electronics and other things should already exist, be durable and of high quality.

Instead, you would have to settle for whatever was available at the various hardware stores, bookstores and even IKEA. These solutions fit a simple needs, but was designed to work together. You would end up with a mismatched collection storage boxes, most of which would flex and bend and break easily.

Seeking out a better way, we found and fell in love with the Sortimo Solution

Boxology Sdn Bhd was founded in early 2018 as a partner of Sortimo International GmbH and authorized reseller of Sortimo products in Malaysia, to provide Malaysian with innovative storage solutions in Malaysia.

Designed To Work Together

The Sortimo range is a well thought-out organisational systems, designed from the ground up to be seamlessly integrated into other Sortimo systems. We believe Malaysians deserve a better solution, and we decided to partner with Sortimo to bring the Sortimo range to Malaysia.

We continue to look for more innovation and will seek more way to help you be more organized and efficient.

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